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Mar 25, 2011

A Failure I Am...

How often do I ignore you?
Do I make you run to another?
The attention that you seek,
Does it come from me?
Are you forced to go back?
To places or people of the past?
When my ears fail, how often I see that is...
Do you think my heart is close behind
Along this dreary trail?
Do I pay attention to you,
Have I attempted to share your interest?
How many times a day do I fail You?
The chalk board must be out of room by now.
With all the times I've let you down...
Have I always made it about me?
The tears we've shed, who were they for?
The words you should hear,
I have yet to speak.
True and honest, not forced or in compliance...
But because they are so.
My dear,
My Sweetheart,
Love of my Life,
I am greatly sorry.
I hope you see I recognize
All the places I fail.
I ask you now to forget it all,
Let me show you.
I'm sorry.
I will work at all these things.
I know I fail you,
and I probably will continue...
But know that I am trying.
I love you.

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