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Mar 6, 2011

How Do I Tell You...

How Do I tell You all the things that are in my heart?
How Do I show you what is truly on my mind?
Words may be the only way to do this.
So from me to you... here is my heart.

I've started this probably fifteen times and I have deleted each one. How do you begin to tell someone so important and so amazing how much you love them? How do you begin to find mere words to express the strong emotions that are contained inside. These emotions and feelings aren't just something in my heart, but my mind, my everything. The way I feel has affected my speech, my walk, my choices... every aspect of my life. The way I feel for you has overcome ever part of my being and my very existence. When I'm around you everything changes. There is so much in life that you have changed. How would I describe these feelings... well its Love. What kind of Love? Its a Radical love. Passionate Love. Never ending Love. Forever and Always. Unconditional Love. Surpassing all things Love. Joyous Love. Young Love. High School Love. College Sweethearts Love. Bonding Love. Faithful Love. Forgiving Love. Grand Love. Miraculous Love. Monumental Love. Nonjudgmental Love. Indefinable Love. Limitless Love. I can go on... :) Its Boundless by the world because we are wrapped with the most amazing love of all, Our Father. I know that I was made specifically for you. To Love you, to hold you, to hug you, to rest my head on your shoulder. I was made to be the one you come to when your world is crashing down and you can no longer stand firm on your own two feet. I was made for you to be weak in front of. I was made to be your partner and supporter. To be a confider for you and to be the box you gently place your secrets. I was made to help you through hard times and to call you out when things are wrong. (even when I dread those moments) I was made to hold your hand forever. Do you understand the great responsibility that God has placed on me!!!??? Do you know that I plan on marrying you? I know we talk bout it and you say your going to marry me. But do you really understand? I was made by our creator to one day be your Wife. What does that mean? To me the world! My life so far has be to prepare me for life with you. Last night we sat at OUR Chinese restaurant and discussed what life holds for us. So much we discussed and it was a great moment for me. To really see how our paths are turning and curving closer to one road. Something recently has clicked. I Know that I love you and I know how much I love you. But... You don't. I have been given this amazing gift of belonging to you...but I've done a real crappy job in letting you see how much. You are the most respectable man I have ever been in a relationship with. You do the most amazing things for me. I love how you always take time to look into my eyes and just let me know that i'm the most important thing in that moment. You have done some things that have left me speechless. (as you know me and being speechless is rare) Baby I need to let you know that I greatly appreciate everything that you do for me. What girl can say that their boyfriend surprised his girlfriend at her work with a milkshake and the sweetest card. I love the corny and sappiness of our relationship. You truly amaze me... I pray that one day I will be worthy of you. I hope that I get better in our relationship. Telling you each day that I love you unconditionally and more and more each day. You are my favorite person. I trust you enough to cry my deepest cry infront of. When I hurt you my heart breaks in two and I fear I have pushed you away just a little bit more. My dear, I love you. I am far from perfect and I know you don't see that..but its true. My Love I hope you forgive me for hurting you. I love you. I promise to do better. I'm gonna take this gift and show love to him and appreciation. Thank you for being amazing!

I Love you Jash,
Forever and Always

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