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Mar 19, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

Ok So I'm gonna do a 30 Day Photo Challenge.
Here is what will be coming...

Day 1- My current Facebook Profile Picture
Day 2- Me a year ago
Day 3- A Photo that makes me happy
Day 4- A photo of the last place you went on vacation
Day 5- Me!!!
Day 6- A photo that makes Me laugh
Day 7- Someone I love
Day 8- My favorite band/musician
Day 9- photo of my family
Day 10- Me as a baby
Day 11- Favorite movie
Day 12- BEST FRIENDS!!!!
Day 13- Favorite family members
Day 14- Something I want to do before I day
Day 15- Me on a Mission trip
Day 16- My School
Day 17- Where I live
Day 18- My Town
Day 19- Concert Photo
Day 20- Dressed Up!!!
Day 21- Beach
Day 22- Photo of Last Summer
Day 23- Something I ate Today
Day 24- Somewhere I went Today
Day 25- Someone I miss
Day 26- Something I'm scared of
Day 27- Favorite Color!!!
Day 28- Something I dream about
Day 29- In the car
Day 30- Someone I can't Live without

I sure hope I can remember to do this everyday... I might even go more than 30 days :)
(if anyone cares...if anyone is actually reading this... excuse me but on some days...if I can't find a picture I may Change the picture of the day.)

Wish Me Luck <3

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