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Mar 25, 2011

Game In Which We Play...

So here are some thoughts from a girl I know. A girl not perfect, or claims to be. But has some words to share with just you and me. In this world there are many all we play a part. For most games we play, we break someone's heart. His, or Hers, Or even your own...someone out there will be hit. This is not to be claimed as poetry or any type of song... but simply something written and guessing it will be read. No comments are required, No reply is needed. Simply thoughts and our pouring of a girl in this world. You may relate and know the game... its be talked about here on this blog before. But this name I will not mention..for she is my friend no more.

Game In Which We Play...

This game in which we play
I wish to play no more.
Of secret glances and wondering eyes
To see what name might show.
The reason for this game
Nobody knows.
The secret thoughts and
Hidden feelings
How they dwell so deep.

This game in which we play
Is of the dangerous sort
Getting lost in revenge,
And guarding up with walls.
How open and trusting
Become things of the past.
This visitor I hate so...
Just when I let go,
Comes back with a Vengeance strong.

How the game it strikes.
When weak I find myself.
Wanting all of you
and not giving all of me.
"We are to be One" You say,
And I struggle with this so...
For you hide your secret text
And my mind begins to go...
Why, oh Why,
This game, My foe..
Why must we play today.

To be one is to give all..
One is not two,
But two that are one.
No secrets,
No singleness,
No separation No.
When why you feel threatened,
That I say I need to have my things...
You say we should have but nothing of our own.
That breaks away one, and makes it whole no more
But here we sit on contradictory,
That when you shy away from me, its just the same you see.
Privacy is a one way street but with you and me its almost 3.
There is such confusion here,
In which this game brings forth,
I can not compete with her,
This game of deceit and woe.

(With Arms around to comfort,
With words I do not give,
With stories and jokes,
Things I'll never get.)

Right when we share something,
For so long I wait.
I know it was me not giving
To enter into your gates.
But finally then, we share you and for a memory.
That is when this game strikes a blow.
To take away this something,
To share it with a foe?

Those thoughts are not FAIR!!
Why must I have them?
I stress so to push them away...
But how quickly they find me.
I wish to run and cry when I am here,
Being found by the game,
and thrown into this round.
I wish to not play,
Not a side bench,
Not the outfield,
Not even in the bleachers.
Remove me...
I can not play no more!!!

These feelings are false...
I will hurt no longer!
You must leave me now,
And come no not morrow.
This game it hurts,
It brings forth a pain.
Don't you see it in my eyes...
The way this game makes me feel?
I know there is no reason for it..
I know there is no threat..
But for some odd reason
At their name...I do sweat.
This game has a name but I shall not speak it..
For once before I have.

This game is not my friend!
I repeat it here once more.
You are not my friend!
Now Leave me alone
and Bother me no more!

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