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Mar 25, 2011

I Trust You So

I just wish to let you know,
That I trust you.
I never wonder if you will go.
Cause I trust you.
I fear no more of what might happen,
For I trust you so.
I never think you less noble
to glance the slightest look or peak, at another girl.
For I trust you so.
You treat me with respect
And love me as so
I just want you to know
That I trust you so.
Never do I think,
That you will jump a train,
Catch a flight,
or gas the truck..
And leave in the night.
For you are my prince and
You are my Knight.
My Darling,
I trust You so.
Just know that as I know,
These things of you...
They are equal, TRUE!
Of me for you.
My Love,
I Trust You so.
So Trust in me so
Will You?

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