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Mar 20, 2011


So in our dorms we aren't allowed to have Griddles, or George Foreman Grills, or like anything great like that. Well...For Christmas my mom bought me one and my roommate Hannah and I have planned our breakfast days. :) Ok so here are some pix of little things we've done.

This is from when Jash's sister Charity came and stayed for the weekend. Pancakes, butter, pineapple, gram crackers, nutella, coco, syrup... The Works!

This weekend I attempted bacon!! (i'm cookin on the window-seal because of the smell...)

This pancake is Screaming HIGH FIVE!!! haha...reminds me of a pudgy hand.



This is the latest....its more of the after affects of 3 girls attacking FOOD!

Thats Katie and the Heart pancake I made her <3

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