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Mar 10, 2011

False Message

Ok I am gonna have to say this. This video has been popping up all over Facebook. And Since this is my blog and personal journal I'm gonna give my opinion.
OK first of all...I have already stated in older posts that the only way to heaven is through Christ. This man is suppose to be our Theologian of the day??? he even saved? Because in this video I seriously doubt it. I mean yeah I have only been a Christian since November 26 2007, but I know the truth. Also... I may happen to attend a Christian College and my major may even be in Missions. Evangelizing and spreading the word of God...But Who am I to know. Any ways... This is what I have to say.

Here We go.
Someone posted that note...Wanna know why? Because so many people follow him. He is not the one true living God. He isn't going to save anyone from eternal life in hell! Christ Jesus is the only one and thats the reason he came here. As Christians (Christ followers) we are to share the Good News. (Christ Dying for our sins and rising from death 3 days later) Its called Evangelism... Just saying. So are we to NOT go out into the world and share this. Lead people away from false idols and false gods and false messages? I guess I miss read my bible. Rob Bell... If Ghandi didn't accept Christ as Lord and Savior of his life, or "believe in the Good News" then YES. Yes He did go to hell. "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6 hmmm...ok..just saying. Yes i feel like I should let you know so that you don't follow a false teacher. Maybe...I'll send you my bible and you can read the book of John and see what i'm talking about.
Will only a select few only make it to heaven?
Ok well... thats a stab at Calvinism. And at this moment i don't feel like going into it. But hey read the book I was telling you about. I really like the book of Ephesians. There is this part that talks about predestination... but i'm sure you've read it.
Look billions and billions of people have burned and will continue. you know that whole denying the one true living God..yeah comes from that.
YES its what you believe,say, do and know....Let me remind you yet again of JESUS CHRIST... Dare I say more. Yeah something happens in my heart. You know how everyone is a sinner. Thats in Romans. Well.. our hearts are consumed in sin. They are dead and full of darkness. But when the moment of conversion and belief in the one true God the blood in which Christ Jesus died for, covers your sins and washes away all that. Its a change of heart. Now a new living heart. Then in representation and example of being dead and now having life we are baptized.
oh dear... Sir... Are you saved? YES If you don't believe in Jesus your going to hell. Not rescued form God.. rescued from you and your sins. People don't want anything to do with Christianity or God because people like you mess up the real message of The Good News!

ok...thats enough of my rant


  1. Good evaluation of the video Emily ... and yes you do know the Truth!