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Mar 20, 2011


So this weekend...started off really REALLY rough!!! I was suppose to be in Gainesville at a Missions Conference with my professor and fellow missions majors. Well..the bus was leaving at 5:45 Friday morning. I was up until 3:30 packing and just WIDE awake... I was gonna just stay awake and sleep on the bus...but sat on my bed...and fell asleep...Woke up at 6:45. :( missed the bus. My alarm never went off and I can't even begin to explain the disappointment that I have been going through this weekend. I've been struggling with keeping my major in Missions. My boyfriend and I are discussing what ministry things we will be doing when we are married and just all kinds of things. He is going to be a Pastor. I'm in Missions. We've been discussing where our lives are going to lead and how we are going to do God's work together. Well...I've just felt like at this conference God was going to confirm a lot of things and just show me things and provide guidance. However... I over slept. Maybe I was suppose to... but its hard to think that way. Jash is gone this weekend at a boys retreat. He is teaching with 2 other guys from school. Hannah my roommate is with our best friend Heather doing a D-Now (Disciple Now)Its when college students teach young middles school and high school students about God and help to guide and Disciple them. So... I've been on my own. I was thinking it was going to SUCK! But... It wasn't so bad... Rachel and I went to walmart and got some pancake mix, bacon, soda, ice-cream and m&m's. Katie and Jessica (two girls I go to school with) came over and we had a sleep over :) we talked about weddings stuff, and watched movies, and ate lots of junk!! Today I was by myself. I just...had me time. Read a little... ya know. now Rachel and her roommate Ashley are in the room (Hannah and I share a bathroom with them) and we are in a movie-athon. We had pancakes with M&M's in them and the rest of the bacon. Now.. I'm just blogging. :)
I really miss Jash. I can't wait to see him tomorrow. Throw my arms around him and kiss him! Maybe take a drive and hear about his weekend.

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